After studying photography in 1996, I worked in the TV industry for several years which was certainly a great experience.
My family are my husband, my three kids, three dogs and one horse.
All of them model for me on a regular basis especially when it comes to realize new ideas.

In professional photography I focus on three thematic areas: reportage, people and dogs.

By the time I have devoted myself of people photography. I am happy together with nice people and love it to implement concepts with them or to be a silent observer reporting individuals in specific situations or during creative processes. It is important to me to observe people carefully and to emphasize the unique characteristics. Therefore, it is my favorite challenge to capture these short, specific moments.

Dog photography is my other passion. Snap shots or portraiture – dogs are my favorite clients.
My dogs Wanda and Frieda are rescue dogs from Spain and Greece. Together with Rudi they complete our family. They are my luck and daily inspiration.
In return to give back the love I decided to take photos of rescue dogs for free to help them get adopted.
Appointements and arrangements herefor via email: truchsess.photo@gmail.com

However, sometimes I move between two worlds : one course at a professional level with my digital SLR that is no longer indispensable for portraits and reportage. Secondly, in the wonderful new world of iPhoneography. If I have no professional camera with me, I frequently more often use the iPhone and am fascinated by its potential! The “Hipstamatic” Camera App for example gives me the feeling of an analog camera to work with. The results are amazing and the advantage is that I always have a camera with me shooting quite unnoticed when being in public.